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An actuary's job is to calculate the financial impact of risk and uncertainty. Get more career information about the actuary profession with tips from this free video series about the salary, qualifications and tools of actuaries.

Actuaries are part of the insurance and/or financial profession. Based on their knowledge of financial systems, an actuary calculates the financial impact of risk and uncertainty. They have a variety of insurance disciplines that the career may be classified under: life, health, asset management, social welfare programs, causality, and property.

In a 2009 Wall Street Journal survey, the actuary career was listed as the second best job. This poll was based on the environment, income, employment outlook, physical demands, security and stress of practicing actuaries.

In this free career information video series, learn more about the actuary profession. Faye Albert is highly regarded as an expert in the industry and has been an actuary since the 1980's. She discusses a variety of advantages and disadvantages of becoming an actuary. Learn what an actuary is, and learn the basic qualifications of actuaries. Determine the salary of an actuary and hear the hardest day that Faye Albert has experienced as an actuary.

So, take a moment, and learn more about how to become an actuary today.