Publications and Other Literature

Faye Albert is a well known expert and scholar in the Actuarial Industry and has been called upon many times to author or co author several articles, reports and studies on a variety of topics relating to insurance and mortality.

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Mortality Rates as a Function of Lapse Rates

Life Insurance Companies Investing in High Yield Bonds

Report of the Task Force On Insurer Insolvency in the United States

Risk of Asset Default*

Danger to Life Insurance Companies of Asset Default, C-1 Risk

Long Term Forecasting For Interest Rates

SOA Mortality Experience Studies

Update on the 2001 CSO Mortality Table


As a Panelist for the SOA

Latest News in Life Mortality Studies

Committee on Life Insurance Research

Interest Scenarios


Conferences and Conventions

Living to 100; Health Expectancy

Low Discrepancy Sequences for Numerical Valuation of Financial Models