Faye Albert, President & CEO, FSA, MAAA

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    Faye Albert has over 35 years experience and has managed all actuarial functions for American Bankers Insurance Group, National Ben Franklin Life, and United Insurance Company. She is a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries, a member of the American Academy of Actuaries, and a Fellow of the Conference of Consulting Actuaries. Faye also has an MBA from the University of Miami.

    Ms. Albert's consulting career has focused primarily on life Insurance issues, and especially on issues of mortality experience. She has been a leader in estimating life expectancy and health expectancy. In addition, she has performed studies on health insurance plans and anticipated experience as required for post-employment health benefits. Faye was engaged as an expert for the receiver of a major Life carrier. She has also been the expert witness/consultant for both Plaintiffs and Defendants in numerous insurance litigations. She has performed numerous funding, risk retention and pricing studies on health, long term care, and for Investment strategies.

    Ms. Albert has given presentations and speeches on a variety of topics and has written and published prize winning articles, most notable is a report that won the distinguished Reddington prize for the report, Risk of Asset Default, Transactions of the SOA, Vol. 41, 1989, Report of the Society of Actuaries C-1 Risk Task Force of the Committee on Valuation and Related Areas, by Albert, Faye, Vanderhof, Irwin, Tenenbein, A and Verni, R (1989), other notable articles are North American Actuarial Journal, Albert, F., Bragg, J., Bragg, D., "Mortality Rates as a Function of Lapse Rates," October, 1997; Merrill Lynch EXTRA Credit, Albert, F., "Life Insurance Companies Investing in High Yield Bonds," September/October, 1995; and North American Actuarial Journal, 1999, Albert, F., Lord, G., Papageorgiou, P., Vanderhoof, I.T., and Wissner, L., "Low Discrepancy Sequences for Numerical Valuation of Financial Models."
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    In the past, Faye has served as Chairman, Joint Committee Society of Actuaries and American Academy of Actuaries reviewing Preferred Interim in 2001 CSO Mortality, 2006 and as Board of Governors of Society of Actuaries, 2001-2003

    Recognized as an educational leader in the industry, Faye has developed a series of educational videos as it relates to the Actuarial field. CLICK HERE TO VIEW VIDEOS