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Life Expectancy/Mortality Analysis

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Life and health expectancy valuation

When you need to know the most accurate life and health expectancy projections turn to a trusted, credentialed actuary.


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For life settlements, life and health expectancy, life estates, divorce settlements and valuations.


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We have partnered with e-How to develop a series of video presentations relating to the actuarial field.

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  • newfaye4-2Albert Associates is an independent actuarial consulting firm located in Miami, Florida, specializing in Life Insurance and Mortality.  For more than 35 years the principals of our firm have been performing expert actuarial services for Insurance Companies, Government Agencies and Lawyers.  Through experience and rigorous study, we deliver highly specialized products and services and assist in realistically forecasting the likelihood of future events and costs.   

    Working in the best interest of our clients, Albert Associates continually strives to offer solutions that are effective and efficient.  Our personal approach and deep understanding of the progressive, complex market and regulatory issues in the industry ensures we meet each of our clients’ specific and individual needs.

    Your company is important.  The experts at Albert Associates help decide the best course of action; an invaluable asset contributing to our client's corporate success.

    Faye Albert, FSA
    President and CEO